Frequently Asked Question About CameraAce

Q1. What are the biggest benefits of CameraAce?

A1.1 You can easily create amazing slideshows

A1.2 You can quickly organize photos as they are taken, based on their subject matter


Q2. Can anyone see my slidedshows?

A2. No, your content and privacy is very important to us. Only people with a link can view your slideshows. Our slideshows are otherwise not publically available.


Q3. What is the maximum number of photos in a shared slideshow?

A3. Free users can add up to 24 photos in a slideshow. Up to 48 photos can be added with a Premium subscription.


Q4. How long do shared slideshows last?

A4. Due to privacy and cost issues, slideshows are kept for 30 days for free users. Slideshows can be kept longer than a month with a Premium subscription.


Q5. Can I download CameraAce's shared slideshows?

A5. CameraAce slideshows cannot be downloaded; they are only viewable in web browsers. It is easier and faster


Q6. Is CameraAce free?

A6. Yes, CameraAce core features are all completely free. You can purchase additional filters, packs, MosaicAce and premium subscription.


Q7. What is MosaicAce?

A7. MosaicAce is a companion app that allows you to create high resolution photo mosaics. You download it for Free and create mosaic photos.


Q8. Can I add my own music to my shared CameraAce slideshows?

A8. Yes, refer to the guide in the How To tab.


Q9. Where are my purchased filter and frame pack icons?

A9. Premium filters and frames are plugin apps for CameraAce. There will not be separate app icons on your device. They are located within the CameraAce editing view and will not work without CameraAce.


Q10. How much is the Premium Subscription?

A10. Premium Subscription can be purchased for $2.99 a month, or $29.99 for 12 months/1 year


Q11. Can I delete my shared slideshows?

A11. Yes, you can delete them with the Slideshow Manager added in CameraAce 4.0. Please refer to our how to guide.

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