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CameraAce is featured on Verizon wireless

CameraAce, ever-popular with users, continues to rack up recognition in the app world. Now, Verizon, the largest wireless telecommunication provider in the US, has joined the chorus. Verizon utilizes its special “App Finder” to discover apps with scads of users and strong store ratings—in other words, the coolest of the cool, the most, most, most….AWESOME APPS AROUND. Guess who’s earned a front page splash...ah, we’ll just tell you, ta-DAH, it’s CameraAce! Visit the Android photo-share app category on Verizon wireless site and see CameraAce featured there.


Cameraace is featured on Verizon wireless


You can download the CameraAce at Google play store as well.


Valentine’s Day is Just Around the Corner, Celebrate with the Love Frame Pack

We know you guys love taking photos with your significant others—why not jazz them up with Valentine's Day themed smart frames?


In this season of love, we want to help our fans express their love and creativity on their smartphones. With Valentine's day fast approaching, now is the perfect time to download our CameraAce Love Frame Pack. You can create a wonderful collage to show to your date, or even make a slideshow to share on Facebook and social media.

My Food Photo

We love hearing your comments and seeing your awesome photo creations—show us your Valentine's Day creations on our Facebook Page!

How To: Print Photos from your Smartphone at CVS, Bartell Drugs and Target

CameraAce's Photo Printing Feature makes it easy to bring your photo creations to life for use in all kinds of artistic projects. Quickly print and pickup your favorite photos at your local CVS pharmacy, Bartell Drugs store or Target retail location. CameraAce uses Kodak's print API to deliver beautiful and reliable prints—watch our short video to see how you can do it too:

To learn more about the latest update to CameraAce, check out the release notes.

CameraAce Premium Featured in Samsung Galaxy Gifts

Attention Galaxy Note 4 owners and CameraAce fans:


That's right, Galaxy Note 4 owners get 6 months of CameraAce Premium for free! We've teamed up with Samsung's Galaxy Gifts program to give users the best of CameraAce:

  • Double the photos per slideshow (48 instead of 24)
  • Access to all paid content, 130+ premium filters and frames including newly added content
  • Unlimited slideshow uploads and up to 100 managed slideshows
  • Slideshows never expire!

Don't fret if you don't have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, stay tuned because we will be running a 2 week, CameraAce Premium free trial event for all CameraAce users!


CameraAce Partners with Samsung to Gift Premium Features to Note 4 and Note Edge Users

BELLEVUE, Wash., Sep. 15, 2014 - CameraAce—one of the most popular and highly rated Android photography apps—has teamed up with Samsung to bring premium slideshows, filters and frames to the brand new Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge. CameraAce is a smart picture editor that helps users decorate and organize photos using its patent-pending, "Organize your photos before you take them," Photography Theme feature. With over 1 million downloads and a 4.3 star rating in the Google Play Market, this partnership will bring an optimized photo experience to users around the globe.

At Samsung’s 2014 Unpacked Episode 2 event held in Berlin, they announced a trio of new devices: the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, and the Gear VR. Along with these devices, Samsung announced the 180-day, CameraAce Premium Upgrade that would be included in the device’s Samsung Galaxy Gifts suite, alongside popular apps Dropbox, Audible, The Wall Street Journal, and more.

samsung unpacked

The announcement of CameraAce Premium’s inclusion in Samsung’s Galaxy Gift also marks the debut of the service. Users will be able to take full advantage of the new device’s camera hardware with CameraAce’s comprehensive photography application. The free 180 day Premium Subscription Upgrade will give users enhanced slideshow sharing features, access to over 150 filters and frames as well as localization in 5 different languages.

With CameraAce’s Premium Subscription, users can create slideshows with more than 24 photos and store them forever. Users will have access to CameraAce’s entire filter and frame pack collection, normally $0.99 each. To provide these services to users around the globe, CameraAce has been localized in 5 languages including English, Korean, Italian, Spanish and German, with plans to add another 4 languages within the next year. Additionally, users will be able to use ultra high definition, WQXGA (2560x1600) photos with all of their premium features.

CameraAce is excited to be a part of Samsung’s promotion to bring great value to its users. With 6 months of Premium Subscription—normally valued at $17.94—available for free, users will get unabridged access to one of the best photography apps on the Android market on their new Galaxy Note devices.

About TecAce Software, Ltd. - TecAce is a leading smartphone solutions provider on the Windows Phone, iOS, Android, and Tizen platforms. TecAce's global offices are located in the USA, Korea and Canada. TecAce has delivered their mobile expertise to numerous top class telecommunication carriers, silicon vendors and device manufacturers to create Android Devices, Windows Phones, Tablet Devices and all kinds of mobile devices & embedded systems throughout the world since 2000. TecAce specializes in adding creative and innovative UIs/UXs to their applications in order to give users products that are both fun and convenient.

CameraAce Version 3.5.2563 Release Notes (8/6/14)

Hello dear CameraAce users!


We are always working hard, listening to your great feedback so that we can provide you with a better photo experience. Please drop us a line regarding any UI improvements you would like to see: support@cameraace.net.

Changes in CameraAce Version 3.5.2563

  • Additional free filters have been added, Free Aqua 5 Smart filter
  • Premium filter Pack – CameraAce Filter :  Cool pack can be purchased.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.

CameraAce Filters: Cool Pack Smart Filter

Summer getting too hot? Refresh your hot photos with the brand new CameraAce Cool Filter Pack. CameraAce's latest smart filters will add a refreshing visual twist with subtle or stylish flare!

Each photography filter highlights one of the many themes of summer photography, including water and foliage. These smart filter effects are designed to intelligently avoid placing affects over subject faces, so that enhancement is optimally administered. The Cool Filter Pack is available now for $0.99 on Google Play.

Take a look at the awesome effects and purchase the Cool Smart Filter Pack today!






CameraAce for Gear: Edit and Organize From Your Wrist!

CameraAce_Tizen_icon video intro11

Here at CameraAce we have always put a strong emphasis on creating innovative solutions to improve the user experience. CameraAce for Android gave users the ability to pre-organize their photos and add effects as they were taken on their smartphones. Now with CameraAce for Gear, we are proud to bring the power of CameraAce to your wrist!

Just like CameraAce for Android phones, CameraAce for Gear will allow users to create photography themes to organize and edit photos as they are taken. Formulated specifically for the wrist-based Gear, you can also enjoy your photo collections right on your wrist as beautiful slideshows with background music. In addition, CameraAce for Gear can transfer your photo creations from your Gear to your smartphone, making them the perfect pairing for conveniently taking, editing and sharing photos!

  • Taking photos with pre-set photography themes -- 'Before taking photos, apply effects, organize them' - If you set HDR effect on a CameraAce camera, and then take a picture with it, you can always get brighter photos than with the default camera.
  • Transfer photos from Gear to a host android device and they can be found under the CameraAce folder.
  • Browse and add effects to photos on Gear
  • Play photo slideshow with background music
  • (Option) Install 'CameraAce' Android version together to use advanced feature -- Photo organize, effect, frame, photo print, and slideshow share.

Do you guys have the Samsung Gear? Let us know what you think about the platform and our app on our Facebook Page!




Congratulations to the CameraAce Slideshow Contest Winners!

We have finally wrapped up the first CameraAce Slideshow Contest and we are excited to announce the winners!


Congratulations to the winners of the event and a big thank you to all of our fans that participated! We received over 5000 entries, which took us a while to comb over, but it allowed us to view and appreciate each and every composition. We are glad to see CameraAce is helping our users make the most of their memories and we hope to continue to provide the best mobile photography tools for your use and enjoyment.

Here is a look at the 5 winners of the Slideshow Contest:

Once again, congratulations to all of our winners and please stay tuned for future CameraAce events. Stay up to date with the latest app and event updates by liking our Facebook Page.

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