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CameraAce Filter and Effect Guide

Having a hard time deciding which of CameraAce's 19 filters to use? Many of the filters can be used at your own artistic discretion, but there are some which have specific uses. Let's go over how CameraAce's proprietary filters can enhance your photos!

Beauty HDR

Beauty HDR has been specifically tuned to enhance the natural tones of skin color, without exaggerating other colors in an image:

Beauty HDR Demo

Notice how the dull and subdued original image in brought to life with the Beauty HDR filter. For comparison, note how the colors on the right side of the images have not been distorted in any way after applying the filter.
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How To Batch Edit Multiple Photos at a time with CameraAce

Q: How can I apply a photography theme to multiple pre-existing photos at a time?

A: From the Organize view, select the photos which you wish to modify, and then select the icon in the top right labeled "Theme." Afterwards, choose a photography theme you would like to apply and enjoy your updated photos! The originals will stay in their original location while the new photos will be appear in the selected theme.

How To Use CameraAce’s Photography Themes

Q: What are CameraAce's Photography Themes and how do I utilize them?

A: Photography Themes allow you to create preset themes for different photography subjects. For example, you can create an "Outdoors" theme specifically for snapping photos while outside, with a specific filter and frame setting that will automatically be applied every time you launch the theme.


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