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How To Install the CameraAce Lighting Pack

After you have downloaded the Lighting Pack .apk file, you can install it to your device by following these simple instruction. Simply allow installation from "Unknown sources" and then select the .apk and proceed with installation. Here are the simple steps with some instructional images:
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Five Habits to help improve your photo collection

cameraace photo collections


One of the things we love about photography is its ability to inspire creativity in people. As we share what we know about this craft, we hope that you get to create better photos. Today, we want to help you with creating better photo collections. We have identified five habits that you can quickly apply to help you in your selection process. Here they are:
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CameraAce 3.0: How to create and share slideshows on Facebook, Twitter and Email

CameraAce's latest update brings to life our most requested feature—slideshow sharing. Now you can share your beautiful slideshows with your friends and family, even if they don't have CameraAce!

Making a slideshow is as easy as taking photos using a Photography Theme, or if you are new to CameraAce, you can create a new empty theme and then copy existing photos from your device to create your slideshow. With the new slideshow editor, you can arrange your slideshow as you please and then share the link with your friends.

If you have any questions or comments about CameraAce, please reach out to us on our Facebook Page.

How to Create a Dynamic and Interesting Photo Collage with CameraAce

Collages are fun to do—they are extremely useful in showcasing a variety of photos using a single image. For this weeks CameraAce tip, we have prepared a guide for you on how to create photographs that will look great in collages and other photo collections.

Begin with results in mind

Usually when we take photos, we don’t really think where we plan to put those photos. But to improve your collage, we will do something that the pros do—plan the desired result. Before pro photographers shoot, they first find out how and where the photos will be used – perhaps for a billboard, magazine, or menu.


When you begin with results in mind, it improves your craft as it allows you to have variety in the photos you take. Using your CameraAce app, choose a particular collage frame you like and that will be the basis of your collage project. Count the number of frames you need to fill and imagine what kind of photos will work on each collage window.
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Bring your CameraAce creations to life with Print & Pickup powered by Kodak

Have you ever wished you could frame the beautiful photographs you've created in your CameraAce photo collections? It's always been such a hassle transferring photos from your phone to your computer, to a memory card and then using a kiosk and waiting for the photos to print. What if you could order your prints directly from CameraAce and have them ready to pick up at your convenience? What a great world that would be, in fact... that is the world we live in!

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How To: Use CameraAce To Take Photo Projects That Improve your Creativity

One of the things you can do to improve your photography is to challenge yourself with a photo project. Photo projects are personal assignments that allow you to explore your creative juices by forcing yourself to take a number of photos within a given timeframe. This will also allow you to practice what you know about photography and thus making you better at taking photos.

cameraace photo project 1 szied

Here are some tips to help you begin your own photo project:

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How to change the default Photography Theme names

CameraAce comes preset with some photography themes but you can edit them however you please! Here we will show you step-by-step, how to modify your Photography Theme names.

Step 1. Open CameraAce and select the Photography Theme you wish to edit. Tap the 'cog' setting icon in top right of the information box.

step 1
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CameraAce Free Blossom Pack Download and Installation instructions

Hey guys, we are giving users who like our Facebook Page a free download of our Blossom Frame Pack which normally costs $0.99! Get your Free Blossom Frame Pack here. This is a limited time offer, so get the Free Blossom Frame Pack while you can!

Once you've downloaded the Blossom Pack .apk onto your device with CameraAce, follow these simple directions to install it:

  1. Go to your phone's settings by hitting the menu button
  2. Scroll down to the 'Security' section
  3. Select the checkbox to allow installation of non-Market apps
  4. Return to the .apk you downloaded and install it (gallery > download)
  5. The free Blossom Pack can now be accessed from the photo frame section of CameraAce

install apk

If you have any question or comments about the free Blossom Frame Pack, feel free to contact us on our Facebook Page or at support@cameraace.net.

CameraAce Blossom Pack in Google Play Market

Add some ‘Charm’ to your photos with the CameraAce’s newest Frame Pack

Many photo applications are happy with giving users a bunch of random filters and frames and letting them sort things out for themselves. While that approach can still be taken, we prefer to give CameraAce users the option to create purposeful compositions using our wide variety of photo effects and frames.

Each frame and effect pack released for CameraAce is designed to thoughtfully complement our user's photos. The Charm Frame Pack is a departure from the standard array of polaroid style frames and takes an artistic approach to the presentation of your photography. The Charm Frames have been designed with sophisticated color palettes as well as intricate designs and textures. These frames are perfectly paired with photos that take well to powerful effects as they create a pleasant, picturesque composition.

Let's take a look at some examples of different CameraAce Filter and Charm Frame combinations and how they can transform the same image.

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