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CameraAce Premium Featured in Samsung Galaxy Gifts

Attention Galaxy Note 4 owners and CameraAce fans:


That's right, Galaxy Note 4 owners get 6 months of CameraAce Premium for free! We've teamed up with Samsung's Galaxy Gifts program to give users the best of CameraAce:

  • Double the photos per slideshow (48 instead of 24)
  • Access to all paid content, 130+ premium filters and frames including newly added content
  • Unlimited slideshow uploads and up to 100 managed slideshows
  • Slideshows never expire!

Don't fret if you don't have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, stay tuned because we will be running a 2 week, CameraAce Premium free trial event for all CameraAce users!


[Holiday Event] CameraAce Premium: Share up to 48 photos per slideshow and more!

Happy Holidays CameraAcers! In the spirit of the holiday season, we would like to gift our loyal users a 3 week free trial of CameraAce Premium. - Limited Time offer


CameraAce Premium service is the perfect option for the CameraAce power users who seek to maximize their photo editing and sharing experience, and now you can try it for FREE! Premium subscribers can use up to 48 photos per slideshow, compared to just 24 photos in the free subscription. With the increase creative space afforded by longer slideshows, you are going to want to be able to create even more slideshows, which is perfect because CameraAce Premium allows users to manage up to 100 slideshows instead of the normal 10. Users can also toggle sharing to hide slideshows when they want to keep them private.

Although slideshows normally expire after 30 days, Premium Slideshows will last indefinitely. In addition, a CameraAce Premium subscription unlocks all downloadable content including over 130 premium filters and frames, as well as all of the newest updates.

To take advantage of the event just click "Get the Gift" and buy one of options - 1 year or 1 month. It won't charge for 3 weeks and you can stop the subscription anytime you want.


If you have any questions or comments, please leave us a message on our Facebook Page or shoot us an email at support@cameraace.net

Congratulations to the CameraAce Slideshow Contest Winners!

We have finally wrapped up the first CameraAce Slideshow Contest and we are excited to announce the winners!


Congratulations to the winners of the event and a big thank you to all of our fans that participated! We received over 5000 entries, which took us a while to comb over, but it allowed us to view and appreciate each and every composition. We are glad to see CameraAce is helping our users make the most of their memories and we hope to continue to provide the best mobile photography tools for your use and enjoyment.

Here is a look at the 5 winners of the Slideshow Contest:

Once again, congratulations to all of our winners and please stay tuned for future CameraAce events. Stay up to date with the latest app and event updates by liking our Facebook Page.

Congratulations CameraAce Slideshow Contest Winners!

Today, we announce the grand prize winner of the 2014 CameraAce Slideshow Contest. Congratulations Christina! Check out the winning selection:

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 4.11.12 PM

Christina's slideshow came in 1st place among our 10 finalists with 21 "Likes." Users and judges were impressed by Christina's slideshow's stunning landscape photos utilizing CameraAce's collage composer, frames and filters. Christina's slideshow is a wonderful demonstration of the beauty of photography and the power of CameraAce coming together as one.

Our hearts were warmed by the thousands of entries that our loyal fans submitted for this contest. It was truly an amazing experience to peek into other worlds and discover the joy and beauty that people capture everyday with their smartphones.

We highly encourage you guys to check out the beautiful creations that garnered the most votes:

We would like to once again thank every CameraAce user for participating in our Slideshow Contest and for continuing to make CameraAce amazing with your creations and feedback. We are very fortunate to have reached 1,000,000 downloads with all of your help! Please stay tuned for additional contests in the future, and as always, drop us a line at support@cameraace.net if you have any questions, comments or feedback.


Survey: The Most Important and Desired Features in CameraAce

After reaching our 1 million download milestone, we thought it would be a good time to look back at what we've done right, and what we can do in the future to create an exciting user experience. Based on all of our user's valuable feedback, we had come up with several ideas for the future of CameraAce. We wanted to refine our focus so we conducted a survey to see what features were of highest priority, right now.

We reached out to over 30,000 recent users and are very appreciative to those who responded—they were rewarded with a free MosaicAce download. Stay tuned for future opportunities to receive freebies by participating in CameraAce events and surveys.

The first question was  “Which CameraAce feature do you like the most? (Choose2)“ . We found that the most appreciated feature is the ‘Slideshow creator and sharing feature,” with "Photo filters & frames" in second.

survey 1

This was no surprise to us since the Slideshow Sharing Feature was the most requested feature before it was implemented. We were very happy to find that you guys enjoyed this feature so much!

The second question we asked would determine our priorities in the development plans. We wanted to know which feature was most desired to improve the slideshow sharing experience. Surprisingly, the most requested feature was to allow usage of more than 24 photos for a slideshow. Currently because of technical and bandwidth related issues, we have limited the slideshow photo capacity to 24, which is like a roll of film.

survey 2

The second most requested feature was the ability to save slideshows as video and to keep them stored indefinitely.

Additionally, the following features were also requested by participants as write-in options:

  • "Ability to write on photos”
  • "Slideshow should end when reaching the last photo”
  • -"More filter effect options and new updates on them to do more with your photo. Make it a little bit like superphoto.”
  • “Be able to share on facebook”
  • “Preview in real time.more coice for duration of pics. photos large enough not to get eye strain. save as draft?
  • “More effects to add to slideshow”

What do you guys think of the survey results, do you agree with them? Let us know what you think! Comment on this article or send us your thoughts at support@cameraace.net This is your chance to make CameraAce into the app that you truly desire. Your opinion has a direct effect on CameraAce development and we greatly appreciate the feedback! Thank you very much, we look forward to hearing from you.



CameraAce Slideshow Contest: $300 Grand Prize, all participants get a free MosaicAce download!


Cheers to all of our CameraAce fans! We are excited to announce our latest event to showcase all the wonderful content that you guys have been creating with CameraAce. We want you guys to show us—and all the other fans—your best photo slideshow creations.

A judging panel of photo experts and enthusiasts from the CameraAce team will select the top two slideshows based on a) how creative it is; b) the extent to which it is inspirational; c) how it tells a story; d) popularity based on number of Facebook likes and d) the overall quality of the submitted slideshow. The grand prize winner will be awarded a $300 Amazon Gift Card and 4 runner ups will each receive a $50 gift card. All participants will receive a MosaicAce promo code.

Entering is very easy! Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Create and share a photo slideshow in CameraAce
  2. When prompted to join contest, select "Yes"
  3. Finalists will be selected on June 2nd and notified via Email.
  4. Vote for your favorite finalists on our Facebook fan page and be sure to share your submission with all your friends and family!

These are two great examples to get you started: Summer Slideshow & European Vacation Slow

Here are some images to help guide you through the entry process:

1) Select the slideshow share button at the top of your photography theme:

slideshow contest 1

2) After you have created your slideshow, hit the share button:

slideshow contest 2

3) When asked to join the contest, select "Yes"

slideshow contest 3

Additional details:

  • The contest will run from May 9th to the 28th
  • We will announce the finalists on June 2nd and voting will begin
  • Voting will be closed on June 8th and the winners will be announced that week

Good luck everybody, we can't wait to see your wonderful submissions!

CameraAce Photo Slideshow Contest Official Terms

CameraAce Photo Contest [Ended August 5th]

[Contest ended August 5th]

cameraace event image

Hey CameraAce fans, we are excited to announce our first CameraAce Photo Contest, where you guys get to showcase your best CameraAce photographs. There will be up to 10 winners with the top placing contestant winning the grand prize, $200 Amazon gift card! The runners-up will receive 11+ cases for Samsung devices. Entering the contest is super easy—all you need to do is post your best CameraAce photo to our Facebook page by August 5th (Monday). Here's how:

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