• June 10, 2015
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CameraAce is featured on Verizon wireless

CameraAce, ever-popular with users, continues to rack up recognition in the app world. Now, Verizon, the largest wireless telecommunication provider in the US, has joined the chorus. Verizon utilizes its special “App Finder” to discover apps with scads of users and strong store ratings—in other words, the coolest of the cool, the most, most, most….AWESOME APPS AROUND. Guess who’s earned a front page splash...ah, we’ll just tell you, ta-DAH, it’s CameraAce! Visit the Android photo-share app category on Verizon wireless site and see CameraAce featured there.


Cameraace is featured on Verizon wireless


You can download the CameraAce at Google play store as well.


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