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How To: Manage Slideshows with CameraAce 4.0


Hey CameraAce Fans, the latest update of CameraAce includes your most highly requested feature: slideshow management. Now you can easily delete, reshare, and toggle sharing on all of the slideshows you have created! For $2.99/month, a CameraAce Premium Subscription unlocks access to all frames and filters, as well as  view tracking for shared slideshows.

You can access the slideshow manager by hitting the button on the rear of the Photography Theme Camera:

You can view the status of all your shared slideshows in the manager. The three buttons on the right each control the following respective actions:

  1. Toggle sharing on and off
  2. Re-share slideshow
  3. Delete slideshow

Toggle sharing on and off by clicking the Server Icon 1toggle to choose when your slideshows can be viewed by your friends and family.


Re-share your slideshow using the Share Icon  if you forgot the link or want to share it to a different platform.


You no loner have to contact us to have your slideshows removed! Simply hit the Trashcan Icon  to delete your shared slideshows.


All CameraAce users will be able to manage 10 slideshows with the new CameraAce 4.0 update, but if you register for a Premium Subscription, you can manage up to 100 slideshows, track the number of views on each slideshow and access every single filter and frame released for CameraAce.


You can purchase a premium subscription for $2.99/month in the "About" section of the app. The latest version of the app can be downloaded for foe free from the Google Play Store.

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