• July 15, 2014
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CameraAce for Gear: Edit and Organize From Your Wrist!

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Here at CameraAce we have always put a strong emphasis on creating innovative solutions to improve the user experience. CameraAce for Android gave users the ability to pre-organize their photos and add effects as they were taken on their smartphones. Now with CameraAce for Gear, we are proud to bring the power of CameraAce to your wrist!

Just like CameraAce for Android phones, CameraAce for Gear will allow users to create photography themes to organize and edit photos as they are taken. Formulated specifically for the wrist-based Gear, you can also enjoy your photo collections right on your wrist as beautiful slideshows with background music. In addition, CameraAce for Gear can transfer your photo creations from your Gear to your smartphone, making them the perfect pairing for conveniently taking, editing and sharing photos!

  • Taking photos with pre-set photography themes -- 'Before taking photos, apply effects, organize them' - If you set HDR effect on a CameraAce camera, and then take a picture with it, you can always get brighter photos than with the default camera.
  • Transfer photos from Gear to a host android device and they can be found under the CameraAce folder.
  • Browse and add effects to photos on Gear
  • Play photo slideshow with background music
  • (Option) Install 'CameraAce' Android version together to use advanced feature -- Photo organize, effect, frame, photo print, and slideshow share.

Do you guys have the Samsung Gear? Let us know what you think about the platform and our app on our Facebook Page!




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