How To: Add Music to CameraAce Slideshows

Slideshows are a great way to share multiple photos from your collection at a time. You can add even more character and emotion to your photo slideshows by adding a complementary soundtrack—follow these simple steps to add background music to your CameraAce slideshow.

Note: Currently, music from your private collection cannot be added due to copyright issues, but we are working to find a solution!

Adding Music To Local Slideshows 

Local slideshows are played on your device and can use background music from the CameraAce track library, or any songs from your device. CameraAce will automatically detect your music collection and add songs to the slideshow music library. Here's how to add them to your slideshow:

1. First, launch a slideshow by selecting a photography theme and tapping the "Slideshow" button

music 1

2. Once the slideshow begins, you will see some options appear—select the song title:

music 2

3. Afterwards you can select a song to use from the CameraAce library, or you can use the "Add More Music" feature to download additional songs for your slideshows.

music 3

4. To choose songs from your own music collection, simply scroll down to the "Private Only" songs and choose from that selection:

music 4


Changing and adding slideshow music to your local slideshows is as easy as following these 4 steps. Read on to learn how to add music to your shared slideshows!

Adding Music To Shared Slideshows

Sharing your slideshows is a great way to showcase your photography and you can add music to these as well:

1. Tap the Slideshow Sharing icon at the top of the Photography Theme navigation bar to launch the slideshow sharing editor:

music share 1

2. After you compose your slideshow, preview it by tapping the slideshow preview icon:

music share 2

3. Tap the song title once the slideshow begins in order to change the music:

music share 3

4. Select an appropriate song for your slideshow and the hit "OK."

music share 4

Now your slideshow is ready to share and when it is viewed, the song you selected will be played along side it. As it stands, music from your private collection cannot be added due to copyright issues, but we are working to find a solution.

For more helpful tips, check out our FAQ page.

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