Simple Steps You Can Take to Manage your Photo Files using CameraAce

Managing photo files is a very important activity that new photography enthusiasts often fail to perform. However, the significance of file management should not be overlooked. Have you ever thought about wanting to take several photos but suddenly you find that you don’t have enough space on your mobile device? You find yourself trying to delete photos yet you are unsure you want to delete them so you can have more space. Or perhaps you couldn’t find the photos you took during your vacation in Miami last summer. File Management addresses these problems.

If you’ve started to understand the value of file management, the next question you may want to ask is how do I actually manage my photographs? There are a few things you need to learn in file management. You can begin with these simple steps:

Folder Naming System

The idea of a naming system is great for those who wish to organize their photographs. When photographs are organized using folders, you can easily find your photos in the future. No longer will you have problems searching for photos possibly hidden among thousands of images.

There are multiple ways to create a naming system. How you do it is up to you but we'll leave you with some suggestions. You can file photos based on date, location, or both. You can also file photos based on the type of photos you take like portraiture or landscapes. However, it is best to choose a method based on how you will search for your photographs later.


Most people find it easier to remember folders named by location and date 

If it’s easier for you to remember dates, then choose a date based system. For example, let’s say you’re going on a trip to Ontario, Canada by the end of January. You can create a folder called 2014-Jan. If it’s easier for you to search based on location, then you can use Ontario-Jan2014 as your folder name. Select a system that fits the type of photographs you normally take.


Specific themes have specific folder designations.
Assigning themes to the rightly named folders help you organize your photos better

CameraAce’s preset themes automatically save your images to pre-designated folders depending on theme you used when taking your photograph. Everytime you have a trip, all you need to do is create a new folder using a naming system, choose a theme like Vacation, change the theme settings to your designated folder, and you can begin taking pictures. Once you need to search for you photos taken in Ontario in January, head over to the CameraAce Gallery and search for the specific folder.

Regularly Review Your Photos

Set a regular schedule for you to review your images. There are three main activities – delete unwanted or duplicate photos, moving images to the right folders, and backing up your photos. The idea is to keep your files organized in a manner where you can easily search for it later as well as eliminating photos you don’t want off of your mobile device. The beauty of CameraAce is that you can organize your photographs within the app itself. You can create copies of your images, and move photos to different folder using the Organize feature.

You can do this bi-weekly, weekly, or even daily depending on the frequency of your use of CameraAce. The important thing is that you are consistent with your schedule.


Set a regular schedule to review your photos, delete unwanted photos,
create collages, and even print some of your images.

Backup Your Images

It is very important to most people to keep their photos safe. Unfortunately, gadgets like camera phones can also break down, get stolen or misplaced. And if your precious photos are important to you, it’s truly a heart-breaking experience to lose them. This is where backing up photos comes in.

There are different ways to back up your photo files. You can do it by transferring your images to your computer or you can choose other options available in CameraAce. To back up photos using CameraAce, all you need to do is to go to Organize, choose the photos you would like to backup, and select the Share button.

While the Share feature this is mainly used for sharing photos with your friends on social media, you can also use this as a form of backup system.


The Share feature also has options for backing up your images
like using Picasa, Dropbox, Bluetooth, and Wifi-Direct

There are several options you can choose from. You can either save your photos on a cloud drive or to another device or computer. Picasa and Dropbox are examples of these online cloud storages. A cloud drive is an internet service that allows you to store files online so you can easily access your files anywhere, just like how email stores messages. If you don’t have an account yet with any of these online services, go ahead and register a free account. You can also use your email as backup storage. To transfer photos to another device or computer, you can choose Bluetooth or Wifi-Direct, just as long as these features are also available in the other device.

Once you have all of these three simple steps in place, make sure to use it consistently—make a habit of it. The first few times are difficult to do if you’re not used to the system yet. But with continuous practice, you are on your way to mastering the art of photo file management.

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