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Little Known Ways to Create Effective Slideshows

I hope you’ve enjoyed the new Slideshow Share feature of CameraAce. If you haven’t seen it yet, you better check the new update since CameraAce already allows you to share your favorite slideshows with your friends by having the ability to upload it in a cloud storage. To help you in using this new feature, we thought it best to provide a few tips on how to select photos for slideshow sharing. This will allow you to create slideshows that you can be proud to share with others. Let’s begin.


Make your theme clear

Take a look at this demo slideshow. What do you notice? Yes, it is a collection of seascapes. It is very clear that the theme is about the sea. Effective slideshows have clear themes. Therefore, when choosing your photos, you need to be able to make it fit your chosen theme. Themes can either be general or specific. Examples of general themes are ‘plants’, ‘family’, ‘birthday’, and ‘vacations’. You can also make it more specific like ‘my collection of colourful flowers’ or ‘activities during our vacation in Hawaii’. Once you are clear, you may begin selecting images that show what you want to feature.


With a general seascape theme, different photos of assorted looks and subjects showed the sea as the common element

Mind the Time

If you have 500 photos about ‘activities during our vacation in Hawaii’, that’s going to be a really long slideshow. Remember that the number of photos determine the length of your show. If you want to feature 100 photos at 4 seconds each, that’s already beyond 6.5 minutes. Most people can only handle 3 minutes of video or slideshow and that still depends on how interesting it is. Try to do your first slideshow in 1 to 2 minutes. That means you only get to choose between 15 to 30 photos. This will force you to choose only what best represents your theme and avoid including photos that look alike.


Our seascape slideshow showing 10 assorted images at 4 seconds each - short and sweet.

Have Photos of Different Things

If you have a ‘vacation in Hawaii’ theme, you can select photos that show different things - food, friends, family, surfing, sunset, parasailing, waves, sand, sandcastles, snorkelling, hotel room, hotel view, swimming, sunbathing, a pinacolada you’re drinking. If you count that, you already have 15 photos which is already good for one slideshow. What do think will happen if we had this combination – husband surfing, wife surfing, son surfing, daughter surfing, son’s girlfriend surfing, parasailing, sandcastles? See how there’s too much surfing and only a couple of something else. While it will probably work for a ‘surfing in Hawaii’ theme, it will be boring for a ‘vacation in Hawaii’ theme.


We wanted to show a variety of photos that all featured the sea.
The wooden stilts, floating houses, boats, shore, chair, sun, and other elements made the images different.

Music is Magic

All interesting slideshows have background music. Music adds drama. It adds emotion. And it also adds speed. Therefore, if you want your audience to feel excited, make sure your slideshow plays an inspiring upbeat song in the background. If you them to feel romantic as they look at romantic photos, play slow love music as well.


Choosing a soft and somewhat fast song was perfect for showing seascapes so it didn’t sound dragging.
You can download and select the music that fits your theme in the Theme Settings.

Preview and arrange your photos before sharing

Review your slides before you share. When watching a video, we always expect an interesting start and a wow ending. Do the same for your slideshow. Your best two photos should be at the beginning and at the very end. Move your photos around as well until you’re satisfied with the order. The Slideshow settings of CameraAce allows you move images around and preview your slideshow so you can still switch the photos positions before you finalize for upload. When you’re satisfied, go ahead and upload your show.


You can re-arrange your photos in the Slideshow settings until you get the sequence you prefer. 

Once done, share your slideshow upload links to your friends in Facebook, twitter, and even via email. Why not share your favorite slideshow with us in our CameraAce Facebook Page? We would be glad to see what you have created using the CameraAce app.

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