5 New Songs To Use For Your Slideshows

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We've added 5 more songs to the CameraAce slideshow music library, bringing the total song count up to 15! You can preview the songs below or use them in the latest version of CameraAce to create an amazing slideshow!

  1. Baby Girl
  2. Spy Girls
  3. Christmas Fair
  4. Inspired Pop
  5. Extreme Parkour

If you haven't yet, it is easy to install them, just follow these simple steps to get the latest music for your slideshows.

1. Go to you photography theme settings by swiping the camera icon and hitting the cog button:


2. Scroll down your theme settings until you reach the "Slideshow Music" option and select it:


3. Select the "Add More Music" option at the bottom of the menu:


4. Hit okay when prompted to download more music:


5. Select which songs you would like to download:


Don't forget that you can now share your CameraAce slideshows with your friends! To learn how, check out our slideshow sharing guide. If you have any questions or comments, send us a message over at our Facebook Page.

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