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Five Habits to help improve your photo collection

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One of the things we love about photography is its ability to inspire creativity in people. As we share what we know about this craft, we hope that you get to create better photos. Today, we want to help you with creating better photo collections. We have identified five habits that you can quickly apply to help you in your selection process. Here they are:

1. Take lots of photos

One of the secrets in making compelling images is to take lots of pictures. More photos mean more photo options. When you get the habit of taking eight to ten photos of an object in different angles instead of just one or two, you are presented with more selections for your collection of photos. Because you have more options, you will have a higher chance of choosing better photos.

beach photos

Notice the variety of ideas you can get when shooting beyond 1 – 2 shots. 

Take a look at these photos of a boat. These were taken in a span of around 10 minutes. It’s the same boat and yet there is a variety in the photographs. When you take a lot of photos of the same subject, you can move around or position yourself in different ways, angles, and distances to show different ideas and include different elements. Since time is moving, there are also instances where new elements come into play and this creates variety. For example, the people walking toward the boat can be seen in some of the photos. There is even one that shows people boarding the boat while the rest show the boat sitting quietly by the shore. It also looks different when you shoot from afar compared to shooting up close.

Read our article on How To Create A Dynamic and Interesting Photo Collage with Camera Ace if you’d like to learn more about creating variety.

2. Delete what is unnecessary

While some people choose to keep all photos they take, it is best practice to keep only what you like. Especially when you’re using a smartphone or tablet, you wouldn’t want too many photos that you won’t really use to eat up a lot of space. The best thing to do is assign a time for you to go over your photos and delete what is unnecessary. When you do so, it will be easier to find photos in your collection that you like and are proud to share.

sandp ictures

These are four different photographs but show the same idea.
These are duplicates that take up space should be deleted.

3. Get it right the first time

While there are times when editing and enhancing your photos help in the making your images look better, it is best to do it right while you are taking the shot. Capturing moments the way you want it is still better than editing it later. Instead of having to wait at home to crop your photos to the right composition, why not use the right angles and framing now? If you like, you can also use presets to speed up editing. CameraAce’s has frames and other filter presets to help you get the photo you want instantly without having to edit it later.


Getting it right the first time, this photo was selected from over 20 photos of the same setting. Taken without editing, the shot was carefully taken to show a nice silhouette of the man in the boat, some stilts over the horizon, and the sun setting.

4. Manage your collection using folders

Photo management is probably one of the most gruesome tasks in photography only because many do not seem to understand its purpose. It is also easy to brush it off as unimportant. However, managing your photos help in selecting photos for future use. Although we will not discuss it here in detail, there are different ways to manage photos effectively. The key to management is choosing the right system. Sounds intense? Not really. Management is simple. For example, you can create folders by location, by theme, or by date then practice sorting your photos regularly. CameraAce also has a file management system you can use. This will make your job faster and easier.


5. Share your best work

One of the uncommon tricks in improving your collection is to show your photos to other people. But don’t share just any photo. Did you know that professional photographers don’t always have great photos. They also have crappy looking images too. The secret is they don’t show you their bad images. They only show you their best. Create a habit of sharing only your best photos. It will help you be better in selecting and even creating photographs.

Did you know you can share your well-chosen photos with your friends using CameraAce? With the new slideshow sharing feature, you can now share your slideshows with your friends online. All you need to do is access that function in your slideshow menu. Go ahead and try it now or check out our demo slideshow!

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