How to Create a Dynamic and Interesting Photo Collage with CameraAce

Collages are fun to do—they are extremely useful in showcasing a variety of photos using a single image. For this weeks CameraAce tip, we have prepared a guide for you on how to create photographs that will look great in collages and other photo collections.

Begin with results in mind

Usually when we take photos, we don’t really think where we plan to put those photos. But to improve your collage, we will do something that the pros do—plan the desired result. Before pro photographers shoot, they first find out how and where the photos will be used – perhaps for a billboard, magazine, or menu.


When you begin with results in mind, it improves your craft as it allows you to have variety in the photos you take. Using your CameraAce app, choose a particular collage frame you like and that will be the basis of your collage project. Count the number of frames you need to fill and imagine what kind of photos will work on each collage window.

Take a variety of photos with different orientations

The two main orientations in photography are landscape and portrait. The landscape format gives emphasis to the width. Portrait on the other hand gives emphasis on height. As a rule, fit photos on the same type of frame. If you have a landscape type frame in your collage, make sure to take photos using the landscape orientation. The same goes with portrait frames.

Given the CameraAce collage frame you chose, find out what and how many of each orientation you should use on your subject?


Portrait orientation highlights the length of the bridge as opposed to using landscape format.

Variety in Cropping

Imagine having a collage where all your photos show the detail of a single object like in next photo below. It is plain boring. People find variety interesting and this is something you want in your collection. You want to have 3 types of cropping.

lavendar vials collage

  1. Close up shots that highlight a specific area of a subject like an eye or lips if your subject is a man’s face or wheels if it’s a car.
  2. Tight shots that emphasize your subject by minimizing the background.  It can sometimes contain only a fraction or a general area of a subject as well.
  3. Wide angle shots that show subjects with enough background and showing the environment. It can be a car on a grassy plan, or a food setup in a busy kitchen.

cameraace soap collage

Check your previous collages and see whether you have already applied these tips. We find it useful to use CameraAce in making collages, first because of the collage options and second because image previews are helpful in checking for variety. By using themes, you can check your portrait, landscape, detail, tight, and wide shots easily.

So don’t forget to begin with the end result in mind and have variety in your photography. This will help you avoid taking common photos and help you create images you can be proud of sharing with your family and friends.

how to compose a collage

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