How To: Use CameraAce To Take Photo Projects That Improve your Creativity

One of the things you can do to improve your photography is to challenge yourself with a photo project. Photo projects are personal assignments that allow you to explore your creative juices by forcing yourself to take a number of photos within a given timeframe. This will also allow you to practice what you know about photography and thus making you better at taking photos.

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Here are some tips to help you begin your own photo project:

Pick a topic

Shooting within a topic in mind will help you decide what photos to take. You can start with simple concepts like colors, shapes, or objects. We chose "letters and numbers" as the topic for our own photo project we did this week. With this topic, we allowed ourselves to photograph anything related to letters or numbers. Some examples of topics you can use for your first photo project are concepts like "Black and white", "circles", "metal", and "leaves". As you get better in completing projects, you can choose more challenging concepts like “life”, “silence”, or “happiness”.

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Set a quota and deadline

The more photos you take, the better you get in taking good photographs. Setting yourself a managable number of images to shoot given a deadline will ensure that you will finish your project. With our “letters and numbers” challenge, we chose to take one photo per day for 7 days. You can do the same or something similar as long as it is challenging enough and it is something you have time to complete.

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Set your parameters

Since your goal on taking a project is to improve your craft by being more creative, it would be good to challenge yourself further by limiting what you’re supposed to shoot. Pick a photography genre or technique you’d like to learn. Do you want to practice motion blur, depth of field, or composition? Or maybe you’d like to learn more about still life photos, macros, or portraiture. It can even be challenges like using only specific objects like “leaves”, “hands” or “coins” to create your project. Using objects of the same kind was our parameter for our project. We made sure that elements in our images only showed either one element or the same items. Setting your parameters are really all up to you.

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Organize Your Photos

Photo projects require organization of photos to ensure that you’re right on schedule. CameraAce helps you accomplish this task with ease through its auto-organize feature. By creating a new photography theme for your project, CameraAce will allow you to organize your images as well as view your photos easily. When you’re midway through you project, select your theme to simply check your project collection to help you decide what kind of photo you will take next. Watch the video on how to use the CameraAce photography themes to know more about the themes feature.

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Selecting a theme allows you to quickly view your collection

Photo projects aren’t just challenging, they are also fun to do. Begin your project now using CameraAce and watch your creativity soar to the next level. Once you’ve completed your project, use the CameraAce slideshow feature to view your collection easily without the need for sorting. Also, don’t forget to give yourself a pat in the back for a job well done.


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