Add some ‘Charm’ to your photos with the CameraAce’s newest Frame Pack

Many photo applications are happy with giving users a bunch of random filters and frames and letting them sort things out for themselves. While that approach can still be taken, we prefer to give CameraAce users the option to create purposeful compositions using our wide variety of photo effects and frames.

Each frame and effect pack released for CameraAce is designed to thoughtfully complement our user's photos. The Charm Frame Pack is a departure from the standard array of polaroid style frames and takes an artistic approach to the presentation of your photography. The Charm Frames have been designed with sophisticated color palettes as well as intricate designs and textures. These frames are perfectly paired with photos that take well to powerful effects as they create a pleasant, picturesque composition.

Let's take a look at some examples of different CameraAce Filter and Charm Frame combinations and how they can transform the same image.

First up we have the Amontillado filter combined with the Charm Mat2 frame. The Amontillado filter shifts the color spectrum to a rusty, autumn-like shade, accentuating the rustic architecture and autumn foliage. This effect is further enhanced by the contoured and textured, red and yellow Mat2 photo frame:


Amantillado Filter with Mat2 Charm Frame

Along those lines, our next combination is the Black and White filter paired with the Charm French 4 frame. Whereas a colorful frame would detract form the muted colors of this photo, the silver frame keeps the focus on the subject matter. Gold accents along the corners and inside edge separate the photo from the frame without distracting the eyes.


Black & White Filter with French Charm Frame

The Fino filter seen in our next photo gives a vintage film feeling to this landscape. The gently faded effect is enhanced by the striking Marble Charm frame, which give the effect that the user is looking through a window into the past.


Fino Filter with Marble Charm Frame

The Glow filter is used to add a whimsical presence to the photo while softening the busy scene. To keep in line with this glowing theme, the Pearl Charm filter is used as it keeps the frame a neutral color while still adding some intricate frame work to contrast with the soft edges of the photo subject.


Glow Filter with Pearl Charm Frame

In this next example, the HDR Landscape filters has been used to accentuate the buildings in the town, making their unique colors more apparent. This is complemented by the Corners Charm filter which employs green and yellow accents to frame the photo.

HDR Landscape_Corners1

HDR Landscape Filter with Corners1 Charm Frame

In this example, we use the standard HDR filter which provides a similarly color-enhancing effect as before, but employment of the French1 Charm frame changes the overall attitude of the photo. Compared to the bright colors of the Corners Charm frame, the greyish teal French1 Charm frame tones down the colors of the photo to a more natural appearance.


HDR Filter with French1 Charm Frame

One of our more interesting filters is the Ink Sketch effect. This filter gives the photo the appearance that is what drawn with an ink pen which is well suited to a frame with graphic effects. HiLock2's turquoise frame has built in vine and bench graphics which pair nicely with the 'sketched' image.

Ink Sketch_Hilock2

Ink Sketch Filter with Hilock2 Charm Frame

Our NatGeo filter increases the contrast of our photo but darkens the clouds and sky slightly. Using our Hillock3 Charm frame, we can add our own cloud accents. To complement this European scene, a bibycle works nicely as well.

Nat Geo_Hillock3

NatGeo Filter with Hillock3 Charm Frame

If you've ever wanted to transform your photos into a painted work of art, the Oil Paint effect will be right up your alley. The classy gold French 3 Charm frame will give you that museum-hung look to your "oil painted" picture.

Oil Paint_French3

Oil Paint Filter with French3 Charm Frame

Can't decide the lomo look or black and white? Try out our Vintage filter which combines the color muting of the black and white filter with the exposure effect of a lomography camera. The colors that come through with the vintage effect jibe well with the teal and orange of the FillIt1 Charm frame. A low profile pattern on both the interior border and the frame itself present the photo in a beautiful manner.


Vintage Filter with Fillit1 Charm Frame

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