CameraAce Photo Contest [Ended August 5th]

[Contest ended August 5th]

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Hey CameraAce fans, we are excited to announce our first CameraAce Photo Contest, where you guys get to showcase your best CameraAce photographs. There will be up to 10 winners with the top placing contestant winning the grand prize, $200 Amazon gift card! The runners-up will receive 11+ cases for Samsung devices. Entering the contest is super easy—all you need to do is post your best CameraAce photo to our Facebook page by August 5th (Monday). Here's how:

Fire up the CameraAce App and you will automatically receive an event notification or hit 'i' button and 'Announcement':

photo event contest directions

Scroll down and hit the submit button if you have a picture ready. If not, take your time and compose a great photo and then hit the information icon at the bottom right of the screen and select "Announcements" to view the event page again. Once you hit "Submit," you'll be taken to our Facebook page where you can share the photo via "Write Post" or "Photo." Don't forget to add "#CameraAce" to your submission posts!

facebook upload

After all the entries have been submitted, we will select 10 finalists and post a poll and album on our Facebook page so that you guys can vote on the contest winner. Good luck and happy snappin'!

Here's a quick look at the Eleven Plus cases you could win:




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