CameraAce Filter and Effect Guide

Having a hard time deciding which of CameraAce's 19 filters to use? Many of the filters can be used at your own artistic discretion, but there are some which have specific uses. Let's go over how CameraAce's proprietary filters can enhance your photos!

Beauty HDR

Beauty HDR has been specifically tuned to enhance the natural tones of skin color, without exaggerating other colors in an image:

Beauty HDR Demo

Notice how the dull and subdued original image in brought to life with the Beauty HDR filter. For comparison, note how the colors on the right side of the images have not been distorted in any way after applying the filter.

HDR Indoor

The HDR Indoor filter is used to enhance photos that have been taken in less than optimal indoor lighting. Often times adding flash to a photo will render a washed out picture, so we opt to forego the flash and settle with sub-par, dimly lit photos. Using the HDR Indoor filter on these photos will enhance the dark areas and increase their color saturation, making it look less shadowy and grainy.

HDR indoor plant
Try using the HDR Indoor filter on some photos you have taken in the evening or indoors where it looks too dark—you may be surprised with the result. In the photo above, the details of the plant become much clearer and the coloration of the wall and drawer are much more apparent.


The standard HDR filter can be used in a wide array of situations. Here we have an outdoors photo of a skyline:

normal HDR
The HDR filter adds a richer color to the sky and buildings while reducing the dampening effect of the shadows on the lower half of the photo.

HDR Landscape

The HDR Landscape filter is made specifically to enhance details that are typically hidden by overexposure due to overwhelming daylight. It is very apparent in photographs with the sky or clouds:

HDR Landscape

In addition, the shadows casted over the hills have been lightened up making the details in the greenery easier to see.

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